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MoTwit for Palm OS (en)

MoTwit for Palm OS - update Twitter from your Palm OS smartphone or Palm OS PDA - (Last version: 1.02)

MoTwit is a freeware application.

With MoTwit you can send your twitters from your mobile device (What’s Twitter). MoTwit also has shortcuts (”Open” combobox) that open the more common Twitter pages (mobile version) in your web browser:

DOWNLOAD (freeware)
- 1.02 version

Please leave your comments, suggestions and bugs in this thread or use this contact form.

- Check submission of special chars (like “é”, “í”)


v 1.02 - 10/10/2008

  • [New] You can select via Preferences if the message box is cleared after the update.

v 1.00 - 03/18/2008

  • [New] We have changed the app name: TreoTwit is now MoTwit.
  • [New] The last message is saved when exit the app.
  • [New] Added an Edit menu, with Cut, Copy, Paste…
  • [New] The shorcuts open the mobile version of that pages (
  • [New] New Comments form, with link to an online contact form to submit your suggestions.

v 0.86 - 04/12/2007

  • [New] Masked password in Preferences.

v 0.85 - 04/07/2007

  • [Bug] Error in Treo 600 and 160×160 devices.

v 0.84 - 04/06/2007

  • [New] Added option to select your prefered web browser via app Preferences (suggested by 1src Joel)
  • Suported web browsers: EudoraWeb, AvantGo, Blazer (v 1, 2 and 3), Netfront (Clie and PalmSource versions), Web Pro, Xiino, Universe.

v 0.82 - 04/05/2007

  • First public release.